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What is back pain – Know about Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Its Treatment

Every person may face back pain in their lifetime whether it is of lower back pain (Lumber area) or in the middle back pain (Thoracic area) or the upper back pain (Cervical area). Usually, people face lower back pain as it holds most of the body weight.  It could be the result of injury, bad […]

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What is the Difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery?

Everyone thinks that there is not any difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. If you are also think that they are same, then you are not alone. But technically these are not same. Both surgeries are different but closely related to each other by their specialties. Both are used to improve body contour but […]

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Pregnancy – New birth for a Woman

Giving a birth to a new life is a miracle. Growing in your womb human being in itself, not a small feat. It can be asked to a newly pregnant woman. The knowledge of carrying a baby is wonderful. It is also wonderful thinking about how will it happen? How will I be able to […]