Healthcare News

How to improve better Health Care Facility for People in Developing & Poor Countries?

We have spent millions of dollars every year on Healthcare Sector, in developing countries & Poor Countries. But really do we achieve our target? Or are our authorities really spending this money for people? Or they are just showing number of data? Or do we really reach to the healthcare facilities? Here, we are discussing […]

Infrastructure News Software and Technology

How Mobile Network Transform from 1G Analog to 5G Next Generation of Wireless Broadband?

“G” stands for generation. Each generation is superior to other. When first generation was developed it’s providing a digital network until the second next generation developed. It was a great jump to wireless network from digital network. After this 3G promised to give up to 2 Mbps speed. As 4G and above this are promising […]

Economy News

What is GST and Why it is need for Goods and Services Tax implementation in Present Scenario?

Goods And Services Tax (GST) is the biggest reform in India’s indirect tax structure rather we can say that the biggest business reform in India since Independence. GST is expected to bring together state economies and improve overall economic growth of the nation. What is GST¹? GST is a Value added Tax (VAT) is proposed […]