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How Google Tracks you & Things you must know before deleting your Google account?

Google is collecting all the data from its application to make its service better, which we use. Whichever product we are using, either Gmail, Google search or even an android phone, Google keeps eyes on the every activity what we do. The company uses a lot of our personal data to improve its service and […]

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How Mobile Network Transform from 1G Analog to 5G Next Generation of Wireless Broadband?

“G” stands for generation. Each generation is superior to other. When first generation was developed it’s providing a digital network until the second next generation developed. It was a great jump to wireless network from digital network. After this 3G promised to give up to 2 Mbps speed. As 4G and above this are promising […]

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How Are Health Mobile Apps Changing Healthcare Industry in Worldwide?

Mobile applications and Smartphone technology are Continuously changing the world, where we are living, with new innovative applications which are developing every year. If you notice, you can find now a day’s healthcare industry continually depending upon Mobile Smartphone and apps. Hospitals are collecting useful health and patient data through apps and maintaining important patient […]

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How CRM Software is an Integral part of Business to Boost Customer Relationship and Sales?

Let See, Started with What is CRM Software? CRM Software or Customer Relationship Management is not a piece of software to manage your customers and services but also an essential tool for any small business owner.It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, Healthcare ,customer […]