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Why is our Indian education system standard falling off?

Indian Education System

Education is very necessary for human being. It is education and thinking the power of human, which separate us from animals. Education helps us to improve our self-confidence and to create a good personality. From early times, we need the education to get knowledge about our surrounding world.

In the ancient times, Students used to go to Gurukul where Guru (Teacher) taught them everything from Sanskrit to the Holy Scriptures and from Mathematics to Metaphysics till than Guru felt that he had taught them everything he could teach.

In the Modern Indian Education system, there are separate subjects like a language based, Mathematics, Science and Social Study. Students need to go to schools and attend classes there.

School education is based on three areas:

  • Primary education,
  • Secondary education, and
  • Higher secondary education.

Primary education, on which our education is based, provides support to a student which helps throughout life. Secondary education gives the path of further education and higher secondary education gives a way of advancing in the future throughout life.

But really these types of our Education system work on modern days or we need to change our education system to par with Modern Education!

Why is education so important?

Education is necessary and the important factor in person’s success, whether a person is poor or rich.

Many people live below poverty line. If they were asked to send their children to school, they will not allow as education is not free. If they have to choose between education and food, they will definitely choose food. For them, a boy can work out to bring money for the family and a girl can manage home chores like cooking, washing clothes and utensils.

Girls dropout in school

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“National Public Radio is calling education the most important revolution of our time.”

Some positive effects of education in our society where we can approach:

  1. If everyone gets the education then people who are living below poverty line can improve their living conditions. They can get jobs and earn money, which can be a key point to decrease poverty.
  2. People who are educated are healthier than uneducated. Educated person takes care of his family health. A child of an educated mother can be healthier as she takes care of all prenatal care and childbirth.
  3. Education decreases the gender gap. Educated couple makes a better decision for themselves. They plan for a family when they think they are ready for a child. Parent with an education has on average three children, while uneducated have on average seven children.
  4. Education can provide people with new, more effective farming techniques, which can increase crop production and decrease malnutrition. Additionally, studies show that if women farmers had the same education as men farmers, crop production could rise by up to 20 percent.
  5. Education can also increase the economic growth to any country. Educated person’s income increases by 10% every year. So GDP of any country can be increased by 1%. In this way, An educated society can be a reason of increased economy growth.
  • Our good and bad education determine which kind of people we will be in the future.
  • But how our education system is not playing a significant role in shaping the future of the student.
  • Why is school dropout rate increasing?
  • For example below the data showing How dropouts in a different state.

Why school dropout rate is increasing

Problems of Indian Education System:

  • Government Schools are spread all over in the country which is affordable for every person. They are providing the equal facility to everyone. But they are lacking behind in Education. Because all the staff including Teachers is always busy in the different government program like population counting, general awareness program etc. So they are not able to give proper time to the school for teaching.
  • In a rural area, there are schools up to the secondary level only. Students have to travel to other nearby cities for education. So Many people do not feel comfortable to send their children to other cities. In this way, rural boys and girls left behind in studies.

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Literacy Level in India

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  • Private organized schools are providing a good education but they are not affordable for normal people. Their only aim is to make the money. They are charging a lot even for the nursery class. If someone thinks that he will manage to pay its fees, then the expenditure of daily classroom project of the students also put a heavy cost on parent’s pocket.
  • In the current education system is giving importance to textbook knowledge, not on the practical knowledge or any curricular activity. Students don’t understand the topic, they use to cram the topic. Today’s education system is making children a book’s worm.  Even nursery students use to carry a bag, full of books and being forced to learn boring subjects.
  • In our education system, Mostly Government Schools and Colleges they are even ignoring the sports. Students have no time for refreshing the brain during school time. Even after the school time, they have a load of school homework.
  • Indian education system is based on marks in the exam. A student needs to pass the exam to go to the next class. It gives pressure on the student. Even parent gives pressure on their child to clear the exam with high marks.

Last Edited : 16/03/2020

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  1. Rajnish

    Very interesting article on education system, i am also government school pass out, and i can say in our government school only give normal education to children, Teachers are busy in some gossip and students are busy in own work not related to study. In private school they properly give study time for students but fees was very high. And most of the indian middle class family can’t afford such fees.
    But i hope our government will focus on better education for all.


  2. Midintime

    Hi Rajnish,
    Thank you for your valuable view. Yes, we are facing many hindrances in our education system. But I hope our government and education society will work on the education system and hope everyone get the benefit.
    thank you

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