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How to improve better Health Care Facility for People in Developing & Poor Countries?

We have spent millions of dollars every year on Healthcare Sector, in developing countries & Poor Countries.

  • But really do we achieve our target?
  • Or are our authorities really spending this money for people?
  • Or they are just showing number of data?
  • Or do we really reach to the healthcare facilities?

Here, we are discussing the health of the Middle Class and Poor People. We know that we are middle class people and we can’t afford such expenses of treatment in Hospitals.

And poor people, they can’t even think about costly health treatments. They are looking only looking for government hospital, where treatment facilities are not up to the mark.

Many people in the developing world died without proper healthcare Facility. Many healthcare programs, which are developed for poor people but not accessible.

World can’t reach by concerning authority, or very few of them reach to their places. So really what are the measurements for these criteria?

Or, What policies can Increase the utilization of effective healthcare, particularly for the poor people in developing countries?

Every problem has two side, here, the first one is Supply side, includes Good quality of healthcare, which are not offered. And the second is, Demand side, the individuals may not utilize services from which they could benefit.

Both are co-related to each other. If we create high Healthcare quality in developing countries, then it’ll create a little interest in public.  We need to create a establish mechanisms that can increase the availability and improve the quality of health care in the developing world.

But first of all, we need to identify the barriers and we need to break down these barriers.

Every year millions of people are dying only due to lack of proper healthcare facility in Hospitals or near treatment center. People can’t access or even reach the treatment center. For example, if someone is suffering from liver disease, or they need liver transplant, which cost is nearly thousands of dollars and facility available only in private hospital, so you can say they can’t afford treatment facility. This is only one case and there are many cases they are facing.

Here is the list you can see what are the real cost for any transplant.

Estimated U.S. Average 2011 Billed Charges Per Transplant

This list is for  Developed Countries Like USA, But in Developing Countries most of the people can’t afford even half of the cost.

Every year costs are increasing, but income is not increasing in developing countries. In this regard, Health-care aid for developing countries boosts life expectancy for the people.

We are just saying that why we are not able to providing better Healthcare facilities for poor people. We have best scientist, World class economist, Top Leaders and Many More…, We think its just Lack of Focus. We are just fighting to each other and forget those poor Countries, who need better world.

Many major problem in Healthcare in Developing World

  • Near to About 80 percent of people in developing countries depend upon local health care for health care and Treatment Facility. Even they have not access an Ambulance.
  • Many people don’t take any preventive step such as keep water covered, use washed vegetables, brushing teeth, vaccinating children, taking the garbage away from the house and screening windows against flies and mosquitoes.
  • Many developing countries don’t have any particular medical system, like better hospitals or Local Treatment Centre to measure healthcare facility.
  • For women, the cases are very worse, like lack of awareness about Breast Cancer Treatment, many women not visit hospitals or treatment centre which is a very serious issue.
  • For Children, Many parents don’t know about different types of vaccination of many diseases.
  • Lack of Toilets and Sanitation in the Developing World and Poor Countries.

So here we can see that how people from developing or poor countries are facing problems in healthcare.

But, we can do better for them:

Healthcare Facility Need to Improvement:

  • Provide Better Healthcare Facility: There are many good clinics and hospitals as well as bad, Including Private and Government Hospital. As far as, we are not talking about private clinic or Hospitals, We are talking about Government Hospitals or Clinics. We need to make better hospitals and clinics with advances facility, well trained doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. Hospitals need to keep clean and Hygienic.
  • Medicine: Medicine is very concerning issue for patients because they are very costly. Medical aid can be very helpful for them to access all the medicine very easily at very cheap cost.
  • Infrastructure and Medical Facility: Hospitals and clinics sometimes have good medicines and vaccines but lack the infrastructure, like refrigerators, clean syringes and nurses, to keep them safe and adequately deliver them. Provide more ambulance with advance medical facility to far flung areas.
  • Need to Prevent Wastage of Money: Studies by the University of Washington and the World Health Organization (WHO) published in Lancet in June 2009 reported that $196 billion spent on United Nations health programs had been wasted. We can use this money to fight against deadly disease like malaria, HIV/AIDS, Yellow Fever, Ebola and others.
  • Make an Awareness : We need to make more awareness program in developing countries for Healthcare, Like for Breast Cancer Awareness, Cancer Awareness, Many  disease like malaria, Yellow Fever, Ebola, HIV/AIDS and many Others.
  • Need to Open Medical Schools and Colleges: Need to open free or Very Cost Effective Medical Schools and Colleges for these countries, to educate the patient and people.
  • Use Technology in Healthcare Care System to access far flung Areas: We need to create a medical team with medical treatment facility, like how to use these medical apps to access and educate people to access doctors and medical professionals.
  • Create more funds for Needy Countries.

We are not providing any data. This article is just about healthcare facility, which is not accessible to needy people who are living in developing country or poor country.

We need to create a Better World for them, where we can live together and access all Healthcare Facilities like what Developed Countries people are Getting.

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    Hi Sek, it is possible if government support both private hospital and poorest people for affordable healthcare facility.

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