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How to Control hypertension with some changes in lifestyle?

Hypertension is a quite common problem nowadays, in every age group. This condition poses the risk of heart disease and heart stroke.  It occurs when the blood pushes the artery wall with high force.

It is quite obvious; you might be prescribed some medicines to control high blood pressure. But in spite of these oral medications, you can reduce the risk of high blood pressure with improving some healthy changes in lifestyle.

“A healthy lifestyle like maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active help you to keep away from medicines.“


How to control your blood pressure with some lifestyle changes?

Here, you know:

  • Stay physically active: Be active during the day. It is very important to take a break from a long sitting hour in the same place. Keep moving hands and legs and even you can walk for 5 minutes after half an hour of sitting.
  • Make exercise a habit: Make sure, you do exercise on daily basis for 30 to 40 minutes starting with low strength exercises to high strength exercises.  Exercise can prevent and help you to control hypertension.
  • Follow Healthy Diet: Following a healthy diet plan may reduce high blood pressure level. Cut down the amount of salt, Include high potassium-rich food and avoid consumption of sodium-rich food like fast food or processed food. Potassium can negate the effects of sodium on high blood pressure. So include food items in your diet like Banana, oranges, apricots, dried fruits, and raisins.
  • Lower down your caffeine intake: Caffeine beverages like tea, coffee, and other energy drinks should be cut down from your diet if you are high blood pressure patient.
  • Live stress-free life: Stressless life, not only reduces your blood pressure even gives you a positive outlook towards life.

“Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho says that it is not important to react to every stressful situation that you come across in your life. Learn to ignore them and take things lightly. “

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Reducing weight can also reduce your level of high blood pressure. Mostly blood pressure increases with the increased weight.  So keep your weight under control. If you control your weight your blood pressure is likely to come down.  You can get down numbers of the blood pressure with each kg of weight loss.
  • Quit Smoking and drinking alcohol: Smoking and drinking alcohol can increase your blood pressure. Even this habit can negate the effects of medications; you are taking to control your blood pressure. So quit these habits as soon as possible.

Spotlight of the article:

  • Eat healthy Diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Quit smoking and alcohol
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Last but not least: Check your blood pressure regularly every day.

Disclaimer:  All the above mentioned are a piece of advice and endow generic information only. Always consult your doctor for more information.