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Basic Formula for a Happiest Life ever.

Quit to be a part of rat race.

The rat race, looking for something or running towards a thing is pointless pursuit, like a rat who is always behind cheese. It really doesn’t matter, in which city you live.  If you are just following the same routine every day like getting up, getting ready for office and came in the late evening and go to bed, then you are part of the race which is pointless.

Understanding the situation could be quite difficult, whether you are a part of it or you are just getting into this race. You may even not be going to realize that you are just running blindly without any mental satisfaction.

No matter what you do, how much efforts you put, your hard work will be zero in the rat race because even if you win you are still a rat…..

In repetitive exhausting lifestyle, we don’t take time for relaxation and get stuck in the same daily routine. We don’t change this because we think we are safe and right. We are afraid of settling the things in a new way and to restart our life.

“Even some optimistic people around you are going to suggest that only this routine is going to help to reach your goals.”

Leaving behind everything which you are doing so far is the biggest fear. It doesn’t let us start fresh. You may feel broken from inside and lost your peace of mind, confidence, creativity, and ability to do new things. Sometimes, we are just terrified of:

  • Am I going to achieve success in this path?
  • How am I going to face society?
  • What will people say?
  • How will all the people around us react?

“But in all these things remember one thing that is, no one is going to support you in your low times.”

It doesn’t matter to them how you are feeling.

Once you are on the peek, they all are going to admire you. So be happy and take your own responsibility only.

Happiness is a choice for us, we cannot control what happens. There is only one thing what you can control, is your reaction towards it. So choose to be happy always.

Secret formulas to be Happy in life:

  • Let: We cannot control what happens or what is going to happen in the near future. So let it go at it.
  • Quit: If something is bothering you and you cannot do anything about it then just quit at it. Just stop looking for the person, things, and places which you have lost.
  • Forget: In life, there are many movements when things are not as we wanted so just forget about it. Forget the person and situation which put you down.
  • Remember: Only remember where you can find your own happiness.
  • Forgive: Don’t let people or things to hurt you, just forgive them. You may feel peace from inside.


In the end, I will just say that you are the person who is responsible for your own happiness, not your family and friends. Even your own shadow leaves you in the dark times.