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Life is Stressful, but how can you Overcome Stress?

In life, everyone feels stressed out, angry and overwhelmed by anything or situation which could be extra work load in office, controversy in the office or at home, family problem, financial problem, illness. You may also feel stressed before test, presentation, any sports event or before any stage performance.  It could be to anyone child, teenage or adult.  It can also affect you life, your behavior, your health, emotions and your ability to think.

What is Stress?

Stress is very harmful condition for everyone. It can damage your health and mental situation. Stressful conditions could be real or imaginary. Stress can affect your nervous system. When you will feel nervous or stressed, your heartbeat will increase, you will breath quickly, your knees will be shaking, blood pressure will rise and your muscles and palm will get sweaty.

Stress can effect to every person in different way. Some people give their best after feeling stressed or under pressure and get good achievement in their life while some will loosen their self confident. During stress, some people take hard decision which can help to come out of great loose and they will not get hurt. So we can say that all the stress is not bad. Stress will also prepare us to deal with danger.

What Are the Symptoms of Stress?

Stress will affect on your every aspect of life like health, behavior, emotions and thinking capability or mental ability. Stress can be varying to various people. It can be harder for you to recognize stress symptoms because we get habitual to be stressed in our life.

What is Stress

Health Symptoms: Losing your diet, getting fat on the body, Dizziness, Imbalanced heartbeat, Chest pain, Nausea or cold frequently or lose of sleep Memory lose.

Emotional Symptoms: Mood swings, Short temperedness, Loneliness or depression, unhappiness, concentration problem, negativity in thoughts or lose in judgment power, worrying all the time.

Behavioral Symptoms: Nervousness, drinking alcohol or smoking a lot, sleeping too much or less, eating in abnormal level.

“Always remember life is Hard, Facing each day a new problem but only you can overcome from your Problem.”

Once you know the reason or symptoms of stress, you can control your stress level.  There are many stress management program to manage your stress. Before going to the stress management, we all should know:

  • Why do we get stressed?
  • What are the reasons of stress?
  • How can we reduce the risk of stress?
  • When do you start feeling stressed?

How can you prevent yourself from stress?

  • Deep Breathing: Take deep breaths, hold the breath and then leave breath after 5 seconds. It will lower your stress level as well as your anger.
  • Do Exercise or Yoga Everyday: Do some exercise or yoga. It will help to improve concentration and reduce stress.
  • Listen to your favorite music and Dance: you will forget all the things while dancing with or without your partner and listening to the music you love.
  • Treat and pamper yourself: Eat your favorite food. Cook or order your favorite food. Take a warm bath or shower will slow down your stress level
  • Take a break to get in touch with nature: Take a break from your daily routine life and keep in touch with nature. It will give you peaceful mind and pleasure.
  • Spend time with kids: Kids are innocent and pure by heart. Their activity and talks will be able to give a smile on your face. Spending some time with kids will also be helpful.
  • Enjoy your favorite sport : Take some time, at least 15 minutes, from your daily routine life, for the sport you like. Doing something you love distracts you from your worries.
  • Get good sleep: Relax your body and mind by a good sleep.
  • Read some good books: Reading books will distract your mind from all the worries.
  • Play with your Pet: Playing with your pet can also help to reduce the stress.
  • Spend time with your loved one: You can go for a long walk or drive with your partner. Talking to your partner and spending some romantic time can release your stress.


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