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How Human being and Environment will get affected by Nuclear War?

Why we need war?

Ever we thinking about, what will happen after any war?

After World War I & II, we have been listening about the next world war. We all know that during Second World War, nuclear weapons had developed and used. USA dropped 2 nuclear bomb on Japan in 1945 which caused a great lose to Japan. Due to these bombs, thousands of people died and many got injured.  It caused the ground temperature up to the 4000 degree celsius . The explosions were as bright as sun and covered the sky of cities. Due to radiation, the risk of cancer, skin disease and breath disease had got increased. Some people who entered the cities after the bombings to provide assistance also died from the radiation.

It is the only one example of side effect of the world war which held years ago and has impact on those cities till now. Those days, Only USA was powerful country to use those atomic bombs. If we will see the current scenario, every country has its own plants of Nuclear.  Beside this, they are even stronger than the earlier one. If world war III will happen, the result will be threatening as no one will be the winner in this war.  It will be the real one and will destroy everything or it can be end with the end of Human being.

nuclear war affects in human being

Many countries got prepared for World War III. They are taking tests of Missiles Launches on weekly bases.  Some have launched missile submarines and fighter planes. They are also developing megaton nuclear torpedo.

For Example:

  • North Korea has claimed Darwin will be the site of a nuclear war.
  • Many developed or developing country using spy ships in the sea.
  • 1,250 U.S. marines US arrived in Darwin to do military training exercises with Australian and visiting Chinese forces

These are few examples, but Countries having a nuclear weapon, use to threaten another country with the nuclear attack.

Our problem is that we want to be No. 1 or Superpower in the world, but we forget the consequence of this. This is not the case of nuclear bomb or power. Few week ago the US dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan, Which is known as the mother of all bomb?

  • How do we forget about any environmental issue?
  • How can we forget about children, women and other people who are not even the part of war?
  • Why do we give lectures on earth environment?
  • Why do we give lectures on world peace in Air condition conference Room?

Jeremy Corbyn once said: “I’ve made clear any use of nuclear weapons would be a disaster for the whole world.”

After effects of World War

If World war III happens, every country will use all the weapons which are developed by them.  Once they use these weapons the side effect will be worst as the smoke from these weapons will only be in the atmosphere which can cover earth for several years. Effects can be:

  • The explosion will burn the thousands of square miles/kilometers.
  • Tons of smoke from a nuclear explosion will rise above cloud level. It will quickly cover the earth.
  • The smoke blocks up to 70% of the sunlight from reaching the Earth’s surface.
  • Earth will become colder as it was thousand years ago due to the absence of sunlight.
  • It will also affect the Growing plants for many years.
  • It will damage the Ozone layer which protects us from harmful UV rays.
  • It will also impossible for all the living creatures to live in the smoke, high temperature, chemical full air and also in the harmful UV lights.
  • We will be Unable to grow food; most humans would starve to death.
  • Even human will not able to survive without food, water, and other energy solutions.

This article is not against any country or any policy, But we need to think about our Future.

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  1. Saurav singh

    Well said and very interesting article on war. You pointing very important issues. I think we are very responsible for all kinds of war. Rich country trying to envade poor country by there power, but they forget about aftereffects. Actually they create inequality between country and after that these poor country fighting to each other.
    I like your point where you mention ” why they are giving lecture on ac conferenc room”

    Thank you

  2. Midintime

    Thank you Saurav for your valuable time. Every country are facing such problem. Everyone is affected by any war, if happens.

  3. Kriti

    Is this really going to happen? According to recent incident, i think the war time is near. Because US has pulled back from the commitment to fight against climate change. It directly shows that US is going to take action against countries.

  4. midintime

    Hi kriti, you are right but we are saying war is not an option for peace. And what rich and sophisticated, the country is doing everybody knows. We need to commitment with our self to create peace. You are saying about climate change is totally an environmental issue.

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