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World Environment Day: Just a formality or Our Responsibility towards Earth

World environment day is annual celebrated as an annual event on every 5th of June since 1973, was started to solve the environmental issues like wastage of food, deforestation, increasing global warming etc. Every year, the celebration is planned according to the particular theme and slogan.

This year’s theme of world environment day celebration is

“Connecting People to Nature”

It is celebrated to get carbon neutrality, focusing on the forest management, reducing greenhouse effects, promoting bio-fuels production, use of hydro-power to enhance electricity production, encourage the common public to use solar products, and developing drainage systems. Some of the objectives of the world environment day campaign are mentioned below:

  • It is celebrated to spread awareness about the environmental issues.
  • Encourage common people from different society and communities to participate in the celebration to developed environmental safety measures.
  • Encourage people to make their nearby surroundings safe and clean to enjoy safer.

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

“There is enough on earth for everybody’s need, but not enough for everybody’s greed”- Mahatma Gandhi

World Environment Day has brought the world to a hustle. During the recent visit to Russia, Indian Prime Minister said that India has saving the environment from last 5000 years and also working on this. But It is very strange to know that only in India, 65% of total pollution is just because of the 15 years old vehicles. These vehicles not only produce the air pollution but also responsible for water, sound and sand pollutions. Not only are these vehicles, BS-3 vehicles also responsible. The government has banned the sale of these types of vehicles. A night before the ban, People has purchased these vehicles in thousands.

  • Is Environment Issue only for the government?
  • Don’t we have any responsibility towards Environment?
  • How our greed is overpowered on the environment?

Environmental Issues:

  • The vehicle which is not fit, are dangerous for the environment. Every year these are increasing in numbers. These type of vehicles are crossing 2.8 Crore in numbers. If it will increase in this way, then it will have a harmful effect on earth as well as the environment. According to the scrapping policy, if we will destroy these vehicles, We can save up to 3.2 Billion liter Petroleum which can be of 20 thousand Crore Rs. It will also be responsible for the Auto Industry growth up to 20 thousand Crore.
  • Every year, E-Wastage produce garbage of 6.2 crore ton, It’s a big challenge for the country. It includes laptop, computers, T.V and Mobiles. It is very strange also that in last 5 years, uses of these component has been increased by tenfold which is increase the waste up to 3.2 crores every year. Before 5 years, 8 crore laptops and computers are being used which has reached up to 40 crores.According to a research, we can build up to 2.5 lakhs football ground’s wall of 27 feets from this E-waste.
  • Use of plastic is more harmful than an atomic bomb. Every year, It is producing 80 lakh ton of garbage in the sea. It has made the sea a dump yard. Due to plastic, there is garbage of 15342 tons in India. From which 6137 tons cannot be reprocessed. Many cities have banned the use of plastic but it is not reducing its uses. Plastic cutlery which is used mostly at home is dangerous for health also. We are using 160 billion Rs. Just for the packaged drinking water.
  • Nature has given us 3 billion trees. The average for per person is 422 trees. In which Canada is on the top that is gifted as 8953 trees for per person. India has 35 billion and per person average is 28 trees. Every tree can produce Oxygen for 4 persons. Due to the increasing population in the World, 46% of trees have been cut down for home, paper, sand and furniture. Every year we cut down 15 billion trees. Near about 73 million hectare forests are cutting down every year. Every year, we are leaving 40 billion Carbon in the air which is increased by 2 times from 2013.
  • Cutting down the forest also impacted on animals. According to the report of Living Planet, in between 1970-2010, the Population of animals has decreased up to 52%. In every 12 years, 60% Elephants are decreased. Tortoise is decreased by 95% in last 20 years; Dolphins are 75% in 30 years and Sparrow are decreased by 60%. Only 17000 Lions are only left in the world and in India, they are only 523.
  • Seas are the rich source of water which is 97% but it is not drinkable. Only 2.5 % water is potable from which 30% is in underground. Every year near about 1 billion water, we are getting, is from the rain. But for our sake, we are mixing 70% wastage in the water which we are not re-purifying. 82 % of water, we are using in the agriculture.

It is a Global concern which refers to natural resources which are important for the earth and also for enabling life on the earth. The environment is made up of all the elements which are necessary for living a life. So we should also take steps to improve our environment.
It’s everybody’s responsibility to maintain the clean and healthy Social environment. There should be no compromise when it comes to the environment. From last some decades, importance has gained its importance. For the environment, we should decrease our requirement. A little effort can do a lot for the environment and also for the coming generation.

“One, who does not love the nature, cannot love anything in life.”

What our Responsibility towards Nature

What is our role to improve Environment?

  • We should take food in our plates which are feedable by us. Every year 70 million tons of grain got wasted which could be of 92 thousand billion Rs. Due to marriage and other functions 1/3 of food, got wasted.
  • We can minimize the use of water at our end also like, decrease the size of the toilet tank, Turing off the tap while bruising teeth etc. We can also re-purify water at our end. To increase the ground water level, we should use the rain water drainage system at home.
  • We should turn off the vehicle engine on the traffic signal. Every day 40 thousand petroleum got wasted on traffic signals only in Delhi.
  • We should not mix the e-wastage with other. Dry and wet waste should be separated.
  • We should decrease the use of paper or only use the paper when necessary. 153 million ton paper is used in between 2015-16. Packaging paper is mostly used on higher base.
  • Everybody should grow at least 1 tree in their life. We should plant trees in our home or the flat campus.
  • We should use higher star rating electronic product which consumes less electricity. This type of electronic is less harmful to the environment than other rating products. All the old electronic fan, computer, laptop, and TV should not be used as they leave carbon which is harmful to the environment.
  • We should not burn the garbage as it produces air pollution. Electronic, plastic and other e-waste should be recycled not burnt. Because burning the plastic and electronic produce harmful gas because it contains toxic material like zinc, nickel, lead, barium and chromium.