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What is our Moral Stand, for good Culture and Country?

From ancient time, we are fighting for our culture, dynasty and religions. But what kind of result we got?  I don’t think anybody will give us a good reason.

If we start from ancient, dynasty killed others because they wanted to be more powerful than others. But they forgot, in the fight in between two, many people were killed, women were raped and children were become orphaned.

Only for saving culture? And it happened every time…..

Everyone was busy in saving religions and cultures.

We don’t want to learn from our past. Fighting is not a solution to overcome to each other. It destroys everything. It kills humanity. It kills beautiful nature. But we do not understand this.

In current scenario, tussle between powerful countries creating more panic in worldwide. We are talking about the tension between USA and Russia, China, North Korea, India vs Pakistan. Even other countries are also not valuing humanity.

What are we giving to our children in future? Every day we are talking about world peace and just next day we fight to each other.

Millions of people are dying from these unwanted fights. Countries and its leaders are not even thinking about the people of own country. In the name of god faith, politician is creating conflicts between people. These religions have become war zone for country. Some are fighting to each other for Hinduism; some are for Muslim and some for Christianity.

Just think about it, what is going in Syria? What is going on in Kashmir? Everyone is afraid of and uncertain about future.  These are few examples, but it is very serious condition. Sorry for this word, but we are really fooled.

We don’t even know about our stand what our culture and religion teach us?

I think every religion gives us full authority to make peace and teaches us good humanity. Respect each other and to respect each culture.

We need to make culture and religion, for good reason and for good purpose.