You are currently viewing Rape to humiliate, to dominate or to satisfy male ego?

Rape to humiliate, to dominate or to satisfy male ego?

Through the front lines in every newspaper, we find Rape news every day. But there are also many cases which are not lodge reports just because of the cultural factors. So we cannot measure it correctly, which country is worst or fare.

According to UN Crime Trend Statistics 2013, “UK has the highest incidence of rape followed by the US and Brazil. “

It is also important to keep in mind that many rape cases may not be figured in official records. According to NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) in every 20 minutes a girl is raped and every day at least 93 females are raped.

The NCRB says “Rapes in India has increased by 7.5% since 2010, with majority of victims being in the age group of 18-30.One out of three victims is below the age of 18, and one in 10 rape victims is under 14 years of age.”

But one question arises in mind

Why do men want to rape woman?

During survey by News 18, a user wrote

“Rapes happen because some men are insecure, afraid of being rejected or deserted by the woman and they need to feel in control of the woman – so they rape. Rapes also happen because they’ve been allowed to go unpunished for eons. Men have traditionally been believed when they deny rape and women have traditionally been found to be liars regardless of how her behaviour, mental health and physical health say differently. Rapes happen because rapists are secretly admired by other men who’d like to be rapists but are afraid of getting caught.”

If we take all the blames right then I have some questions:

What pleasure can a man get from a girl child of 9 years age? Was she wearing a skimpy dress or she was over reacting on things or she was giving any sign. No, she was not. So what is the reason? What i think is, the reason is man’ sexual desire, humiliating and dominating nature. Man can’t control their sex desire and feels it is perfectly OK to rape

On the top of these, a weak and failure law system. There is not any fear of law and lack of speed justice and fair trials. Money and power also made our system corrupted, person who has money thinks he can do anything; no one is going to ask.

There should be fair and fast justice with strict punishment.


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